About Jeevika

CropIn Technology is the chosen Agtech partner in a public-private project with Government of India and World Bank for brining technology to build climate resilience to the doorsteps of Indian farmers, spanning an area of 1650+ hectares.

The Sustainable Livelihoods and Adaptation to Climate Change (SLACC) Project for India in association with the Government of India’s National Rural Livelihoods Project (NRLP) and supported by World Bank, aims to empower farmers to adopt climate resilient practices and adapt to the climatic changes and unpredictability.

The Challenges

Adverse climate change is a threat to sustainable farming. It leads to soil degradation, drop in crop yield and lower quality produce, and increases incidence of attacks by pests and insects. As per an ICAR report, a reduction of upto 9% in agriculture yields is expected in the medium term (2010-2039). This calls for swift adoption of climate resilient agriculture practices.

The Solution

There is a need for bringing technology for climate resilience to the doorsteps of India’s smallholder farmers, which is where CropIn has stepped in and provided the following solutions:

  • Climate smart advisory module develops season-wise crop configurations for all the major crops
  • CropIn helped in scheduling and monitoring farm activities to implement completetraceability
  • Seven-day weather forecasts derived from the best available weather observation systems and forecast models.
  • CropIn helped educate farmers on adoption of right package of practices and inputs
  • Weather-based advisory to SLACC farmers in the local language
  • CropIn helped devise systems for monitoring crop health and harvest estimation
  • Web and mobile-based advisory dashboards to enable the Village Resource Professionals get important insights